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More About Us

We love what we do...

     What started as a hobby quickly became a passion! The opportunity to capture unforgettable moments for a couple or family became more than just a leisure pursuit. It became a way to seize treasured & memorable moments in life which are often only referred to with words... a way to, "TELL THE STORY!” 

      Every session is different, but TJP is dedicated to artistically capturing unforgettable moments, regardless of the occasion or size of the event. 

      TJP consistently aims to "TELL THE STORY," as it naturally unfolds. Let TJP tell your story today.

What NOT to Wear:

One of the most important things to consider is how the clothes you wear/take to your shoot is how they make you feel. Ideally, you’ll want to select items that make you feel the best you. If you have an agent, please consult with them concerning what they do/don’t want you to wear. Simplicity is key...generally speaking, we advice clients avoid wearing all white, all black, large logos, busy patterns, and stripes. Texture color and cuts done correctly can provide a level of inspiration.

After the Shoot:

The most import part of your shoot begins after the session/event. That's when TJP works to removes blemishes, stains on your clothing, fly-away hairs, photo bombers, distracting foreground/background objects, makes appropriate cosmetic adjustments and more.

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